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There are more than 30 dancing numbers in our repertoire. Among them russian dances, dances of the peoples of the world, classical, modern, ball, variety, original, sporting... In some dances participate only a few executors, in other we step on to the stage by all ensemble, and this show always forces the spectators to admire.

There are no such dances, which we can not execute. When we collect the most interesting our numbers in one large concert, it continues a few hours. The dances follow one for other, without slightest delays, and the spectators amicably clap in a step of famous sailors Yablochko (Little Apple); they are delighted by the complex choreography of Butterflies; they are covered by the russian melancholy together with lyrical Gzhel and are lighted by africa's rhythms of Choonga-Changa.

On this page we tell about several of our dancing numbers.
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The original dance Butterflies is unique by complex, unusual and perfected movements of the executors, beauty of costumes, attractive by music, and consequently uses constant success at the spectators. The dance is executed by 8 girls in the age of 13-14 years. In dance is applied the jump-cord of 10-meters length.

Chinese Dolls

Chinese Dolls dance is a real magic of paints, music and movement. In this dance participate more than 30 dancers, dressed in bright chinese-style costumes. The affection of the spectators is caused by the small mandarins, roles of which are executed by the five-year boys.

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The dance Gzhel is executed by the girls of the senior age. Dressed in the surprisingly beautiful costumes, carried out in style of a famous gzhel's white-blue colouring, they smoothly move on a stage under russian melody. Only youth of the executors reminds to the spectators that they are present not on a concert of ensemble Beryozka, but on a concert of children's dancing group of ensemble Red Star.

Northern Dance

Northern Dance is a vivid example of realization of a basic principle of national dances staging in Red Star children's dancing group. This principle consists in a combination of national character, children's sight on the world and kind humour, and is displayed in all aspects of dance - choreography, music, costumes design. In our opinion, just such approach creates the unique face of dancing school, determines the success and borns a spectators love.

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Certainly, any concert does not exist without Kalinka. In this dance, as in pure water of russian river, are reflected a features of russian national character - lyrics and boldness, involuntary melancholy and uncontrollable fun. The dance, considered as the card of any russian dancing collective, in performance of our ensemble is especially warm accepted by the spectators, because the children, as not anybody other, sincerely and openly transfers these features in their creativity.

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