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Hello, Spectator!

We are the children's dancing group of Red Star Red Army Chorus and Dance Ensemble. We are 180 young actors - some more, than were placed on this photo. By the smallest of us are 4 years age, and the seniors, 16-year, already end high school.

We dance. Our dance - an important part of our life. Each evening, after our studies at school or by coming from a children's garden, we run to the rehearsing hall. Mirrors, stage, music and ballet stands wait for us there. And our favourite teachers - the actors of ballet group of Red Star Ensemble - wait for us there too.

And we learn, we prepare concert numbers, we work over each movement, and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse...

Because we are not a dancing club and not a dancing studio. We are the real art ensemble. We are in structure of glorified all over the world Red Star Ensemble.

And dance for us - not only children's enthusiasm, and not only pleasure. Dance is our work, difficult and interesting. We like our work and our ensemble. And we hope that our dance will brought happiness not only for us but also for you, our Spectator!

playbill - notices - announces children's repertoire concert programme history of ensemble official information