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Red Star Red Army Chorus and Dance Ensemble was created in 1978 in Moscow, in structure of Strategic Rocket Forces of USSR. In caring about support of high battle readiness of army, the great country used talent and art of best actors for organization of leisure and raising of a cultural level of soldiers. On plans of the chiefs of soviet political propaganda, a warrior, brought up in the best traditions of Russian and soviet culture, has more love for Motherland, and for this name is more capable to self-sacrifice and feat. The military ensembles in a different times were generated in all kinds of Military Forces, in armies and on fleets. The youngest kind of Military Forces of USSR - Strategic Rocket Forces - has created the ensemble by one of last. However because the specifity of this modern and technologically the most equipped kind of forces required the special attention, in ensemble were concentrated the best talents of military actors.

February 22, 1978, before a Day of Soviet Army, ensemble has presented the first concert program for the first spectators - soldiers, officers and generals of Strategic Rocket Forces. The historical concert was held in the Officers Club of Main Headquarters of Strategic Rocket Forces.
People's Artist of Russia colonel Anatoly Bazhalkin

Artistic director and main conductor
of Red Star Red Army
Chorus and Dance Ensemble
People's Artist of Russia

colonel Ànatoly Bazhalkin

Was born in 1949 in Zhitomir (Ukraine). In 1973 has finished his studies in Moscow Conservatory. With 1973 till 1983 headed military ensembles in Germany and on Ural. Since 1983 supervises the Red Star. Under his management the ensemble has reached heights of the creativity, has tours around the whole world with concerts and has become glorified art ensemble, which is known and is loved of a hundreds of thousands of the spectators.

The publicity booklet of ensemble, 1987

The historical document:
the publicity booklet of ensemble, 1987

The founder and the first artistic director of ensemble was the Honoured actor of Russian Federation G.Kanayan.
From 1981 to 1983 the collectivity was supervised by deserved doer of arts of Latvian SSR V.Savelyev.

Since 1983 till now the artistic director and main conductor of ensemble is the People's artist of Russia colonel A.Bazhalkin.
During 20 years of concert activity to creativity of ensemble clapped a very different spectator's auditoriums - soldier's clubs of far rocket garrisons, smelled by war air stations and hospitals in Afghanistan, most prestigious concert halls of Moscow, republics of former Soviet Union and many cities of Russia, Europe, America and Asia.

Since 1985 ensemble actively goes on tour on the whole world. With huge success it represented Russian military art in France, Switzerland, Great Britain and Ireland, Belgium, China, Hongkong, Canada.

In 1992, 1994, 1996 and 1998 ensemble went on tour in USA, where has acted in the best concert halls: Lincoln Center (New York), Kennedy Center (Washington), symphonic halls of cities Philadelphie, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, St. Louise, Kansas City, Seattle, Buffalo and many other. American remote districts are remember inspired russian art too. For example, only in one tour season 1996 ensemble has given concerts in 49 cities of more than 20 states.    
The presidents of two great countries by listen to an orchestra of Red star.

White House, USA, 1996
The presidents of two great countries by listen to
an orchestra of Red Star

playbill - notices - announces
At the moment the Red Star represent chorus, ballet and orchestra in coordination incorporated by common repertoir. In structure of ensemble 90 actors. The chorus consists of 40 actors (26 - men's group and 10 - female), in ballet 25 actors (15 young men and 10 girls) and in an orchestra 20 musicians. The other 5 persons: the artistic director - main conductor, orchestra director, choral director, ballet director and costumier. The usual concert loading of ensemble - no less than 150 performances in a year, which pass with constant success.

In the repertoir of ensemble more than 200 compositions for chorus, vocal soloists and orchestra (russian national songs, warriors songs, cossacs songs, creations of russian and foreign composers, songs of many peoples of the world), instrumental soloists (bayan, balalaika), tens of dancing items (soldier's, sailor's, russian, national etc.). In ensemble there is the special program, devoted to Christmas holidays.
"Kalinka" "Christmas Returns To Russia"
The collective of ensemble has written down three compact discs, which are sold on the whole world. You will find here description of two of them - "Kalinka" and "Christmas Returns To Russia".
The ensemble has much more exceeded a purpose, given it before its formation. From a means of army art propaganda it has turned to unique creative collectivity, the art of which is so original, that has gone through all shaking the country and world political and economic collisions of the last years, and continues to please and to admire the spectators of all ages, nationalities and creeds. This art is born by Russia, by russian soul, by russian heart. By heart, which opened to the world.
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